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ELETTROSPRAY Electrostatic oilers are world wide known for their reliability and good
performances for conventional oil or Hot Melt. Excellent after sale service all over the world.

We are leading the world wide market by manufacturing the most advanced custom buildt Electrostatic Oilers for steel and aluminium strips and plates.
From the beginning the ELETTROSPRAY equipment range followed the sector evolution by using new technologies and expanding her production.

The applications of the electrostatic principle have been extended to field similar to industrial painting as the food industry and the steel mill.

During the years Ravarini Castoldi & C. deposited many patents of advanced devices, for the electrostatic application of many different products often tracing new ways as a result of a careful work in the research and development field.

In 1986 the company produced the first electrostatic oiler on demand of an Italian customer to be installed on one of its pickling lines.

Since the performance and easy maintenance of this first machine proved to be very successful other machines were supplied to the industry and our Company was more and more involved in supplying the cold rolling mills and the aluminium industry with electrostatic oilers for the following types of lines:

Continuous annealing lines
Tin plate
Cold milling

We can no longer ignore the fact that ELETTROSPRAY Electrostatic Oiling machines and engineering quality are increasingly in demand, as recent successes the world over have demonstrated.

Now Ravarini Castoldi & C. is proud to be offering one of the widest range of electrostatic equipment in the world.
Our program covers all fields of engineering and manufacturing up to erection, commissioning and instruction to the operators.

Electrostatic Oilers – A note on Safety

Within the Risk Analysis of our Electrostatic Oilers two points are of preminent importance:
A) Risk of electric shock to personnel.
B) Possible, even if remote, danger of fire from energetic sparks inside the oiling enclosure not withstanding the actuated precautions.
Designing our oiling machines we always have in mind safety as a first priority.
Against risk A we moved in two directions:
We use HV generators with a very low current output (0,5 mA max against 2,5 mA of our competitors).
As a consequence the energy of an accidental discharge to the human body touching the blade is much lower and therefore the danger of an obnoxious electric shock is practically reduced to zero.
It is well known that even after switching off the HV generators and having opened the enclosure doors, a substantial residual charge stays in the system (HV cascade, HV cables, blades) for a comparatively long time.
Depending from the atmospheric conditions, the residual charge can last up to 10 minutes or more.
That is why every manufacturer provides outside the enclosure an earthing probe and a warning placard inviting to discharge the blades before entering the enclosure to avoid electic shocks.
This procedure is safe but it is entirely dependent from the goodwilll and attention of the service personnel and therefore seems not to be in line with the safety standards level of 2008.
Since a number of years we are making and installing on many machines so named “Earthing Switches” (see attached ELETTROSPRAY leaflet).
These devices instantly discharge any residual charge at any opening of the enclosure doors avoiding every possible electric shock to personnel.
Moreover the HV system stays grounded untill all doors are closed.
To reduce the fire risk from sparks we keep to a minimum the quantity of diathermic fluid in or around the enclosure since these fluids are generally not flammable but they can catch and support fire when heated over a certain temperature.
We also do not fit fluids heating resistors into the enclosure body as described in our international patents to eliminate another possible risk of fire due to short circuits or overheating.
All these points are completely disregarded by our competitors who sometimes build “enclosures in an oil bath” with heating elements in it.
These now years old concepts are well accepted and appreciated by our customers, specially in the “Hot-Melt-Line” machines where the increased average temperature is an additional risk factor.

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