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Introduction to electrostatic deposition of “HOT-MELT” lubricants

In the last times we are receiving more and more inquiries for oilers capable to apply a new class of products which are solid at room temperature and which have a pour point in the range 30 – 50 °C.

These new lubricants are requested more and more by top class car manufacturers both for galvanized steel and aluminium due to the many advantages offered and with the aim to use the same lubricant for both metals.

Picking up past experiences from our long tradition in the electrostatic application of any kind of products we designed an original machine with the following basic characteristics:
– Applicable products: “Hot-Melt” and conventional oils.
– Fast changement from “Hot-Melt” to oil and vice-versa.
– Machine simple to run and service.

The first machines of our make and installed in lines of very demanding customers proved to be completely satisfactory and fulfilled all the requested parameters.

Our machines work on the principle to melt and keep melted at controlled temperature the solid material throughout the complete circuit including melter, pumps, filters, blades and oiling enclosure body so to apply it as a conventional oil by means of the electrostatic field.

The machine can be stopped when needed also for long periods of time and restarted without any difficulty in the comparatively short time required to remelt the lubricant solidified in the machine circuits.

The machine is fully automated by means of a PLC controlled and monitored by a supervising PC.

All functions, working parameters and alarms are clearly shown on the PC colour screen.
“HOT-MELT LINE” is a registered trade-mark and these particular oilers are covered by international patents.

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